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COVID-19 X-Ray Images

Example of how to build an AI model to do classification of COVID-19 patients from chest CT images.

Image Classification: Dogs vs. Wolves

Dogs vs Wolves images classification

Journey to School

Create an AI model that predicts how you (or your friends) transport to school.

My Friend, The Chatbot

Create a Chatbot on Scratch to answer basic questions

News Classifications

Create AI that classifies a set of newspapers headlines.

Guess the Shape

Create an AI that detects geometric shapes

Nutritional Facts for Food

Use computer vision to know nutrition facts about your food

Predicting Mood from Facial Expressions

The purpose of the project is to develop an AI that predicts someone's mood by analyzing the facial expressions

The Classification of Plants

AI model can help you to classify a set of plants images based on their life cycle.

Classifies Cloud Patterns from Satellite Images.

Can you classify cloud structures from satellites?

Handwritten Math Symbols

Build an AI model that can classify handwritten math symbols

Variables and Types in Python

Learn how to use variables in Python

Solving Math Equations with Python

Learn how to use Python functions to solve equations and expressions that contain symbolic math variables.

Restaurant Reviews

Create an AI model that predicts the sentiment of restaurants reviews