Your AI Twin
starts with you.

Connect, learn and interact with real people and great
human minds, from the present and past, any time
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Mind Drive


Upload your mind.
Unlock new heights.

Compile your fragmented data, unlock and gradually upload your knowledge, thoughts, experiences into your Mind Drive, and preserve it in the digital space, forever.

Transcend and
become limitless.

Plugin AI apps to enable your twin speak mandarin, predict your health, answer hard questions, run meetings on your behalf, and more!

Access great human
minds, anytime.

Celebrities, coaches, scientists and doctors can offer their personalized AI Twin services to millions of people in million places, at once

Monetize your human
intelligence NFT

Offer your AI geminai as a Service, or monetize your
Gemenai’ NFTs the same way you do with digital
artwork NFTs

Our lives integrated within a powerful network

Put your digital self on an auto-pilot, and let your AI geminai interact, in a
personalized manner, with many people at once. Access and interact with great
human minds, from the present and the past, anytime.

Digital Immortality,
take it. it’s yours.

Preserve your AI mind, and your beloved ones,
to digitally live forever