Applications of AI in Education

AI in Education

The point of education is to transfer knowledge to learners and encourage critical thinking but in a world where teachers have to split time between grading results and doing the actual work, not enough time is made for the learners. This is where AI can help. Already, AI has been applied in waysthat encourage efficiency, personalization of learning, and streamlining tasks to free up time for teachers. The synergy of AI and teachers can createthe best possible outcomes for students in terms of learning. Therefore, educational systems need to leverage AI more. Particularly as the growinggeneration will live in a future powered by AI.

Student Universal Access

AI can help to reduce learning barriers. Students with visual or hearing impairments and students with learning disabilities are not often able to learn at the same pace that other students can. However, technologies like Presentation Translator (which creates subtitles in real-time to what the teacher issaying) can help to lessen some of the barriers persisting in the educational sector.

Automate Administrative Tasks

With AI, educators can divert the energy and time spent on grading tests and exams to either teach or improve the lecture material's quality. It is possible for a machine to grade multiple-choice tests, which is already yielding significant benefit. The jump to grading written essays is one that can make further impact in the educational sector. AI can also enhance the learning experience by making recommendations on how the teaching or other factors can be improved. 

Out-of-School Tutoring and Support

With the fast-paced work environment and the fact that some parents haven’t had to review those lessons in over a decade, tutoring their children is a task some parents have great difficulty with. AI-powered tutoring and study programs can also fill this problem. Some solutions exist already but they are not quite widely available yet. Furthermore, improvements need to be made about the personalization of the learning experience byadapting to a wide range of learning styles.

The speed of adoption of AI in the educational sector is not as fast-paced as in other sectors but with the overall improvement in AI, the arms of the educational sector to AI will start to open wider.

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