What is your Role in the AI Nation?

The world is changing. You’ve heard that many times already. But how often have you heard that another world is being built right on top of this very one, quietly operating in the background? You may have noticed but if you haven’t, here’s a mental exercise for you:

Imagine a time in the near future. You’ve just finished from work and your self-driving car chauffeurs you home. As you walk into your home tired, your smart home automatically detects your mood and physical status to configure the temperature, lighting and sounds to an ambiance that suits you. As you settle into your sofa, you flip open your laptop and a projection of your digital self comes on to update you on the meetings and tasks it completed in your absence. 

This is how the world could look very soon - a perfect synergy of the digital world and the physical world. The question now is this: do you know your role in the new world?

We are in the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution, the era of AI and other related technologies such as smart cities, augmented reality, and Internet-of-Things. From these, the foundation of a new digital world is being built with AI as the driver. 

Samer Obeidat calls this new world the “AI Nation” in his book, “The AI Citizen”. The rise of an AI Nation calls for introspection. What should we be doing to ensure that we – and future generations – are ready?

We can, for a start, become AI Citizens. An AI Citizen is a person who understands their role and responsibility in the emerging AI-powered future and is committed to the ethical and responsible use of AI for the benefit of humanity. We need to come to terms with AI being a tool for significant transformative change. However, this same technology has security and ethical implications. An AI Citizen can protect the technology from misdirected applications and ensure transparency and accountability in using AI while also guaranteeing fairness and social justice.

As we’ve established, AI is at the foreground of many groundbreaking innovations today. Whether as a professional, business leader, or entrepreneur, you can take the lead and position yourself for a secured role in the AI Nation.

As Facebook already demonstrated with the announcement of the metaverse, the nature of social interactions is evolving. The virtual world is growing in relevance. One of the most exciting possibilities of the AI Nation is that we are on the edge of a world where digital copies of real people coordinate meetings and social gatherings with minimal or no interference from the real-world counterparts.

Pause for a minute to think about the potential here – we can eliminate the common complaint, “I can’t be in two places at once!”

On AIQOM AI, you will soon be able to build your personal Digital AI Twin, unlocking stratospheric productivity levels. Furthermore, you will be able to interact and connect with the virtual representations of other users.

Change is inevitable. AI is inevitable. Run from it, dread it; destiny arrives all the same. You can help to direct the future of humanity along a course marked by progress by understanding the emerging AI Nation and taking the steps required to find your place where you can contribute significantly to the world’s improvement.



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