Using Python Programming Language to Resolve and Clarify Over 200+ Machine Learning Projects

This article will present you with over 200 machine learning projects solved and explained using the Python programming language.

Machine Learning Projects for Entry-level Students

If you are new to machine learning, I suggest starting with these simple projects before moving on to the challenging ones in the following section.

  1. Instagram Reach Analysis and Prediction
  2. Online Payments Fraud Detection
  3. Waiter Tips Analysis & Prediction
  4. Ukraine vs Russia Twitter Sentiment Analysis
  5. Future Sales Prediction
  6. Waiter Tips Analysis & Prediction
  7. Stock Price Prediction
  8. Flipkart Reviews Sentiment Analysis
  9. Breast Cancer Survival Prediction
  10. Covid-19 Deaths Prediction
  11. Stock Price Prediction with LSTM Neural Network
  12. Cryptocurrency Price Prediction for the next 30 days
  13. Article Recommendation System
  14. Netflix Stock Price Prediction
  15. Time Series Analysis
  16. Classification with Neural Networks
  17. Stress Detection
  18. AlexNet Neural Network Architecture
  19. Visualizing a Machine Learning Algorithm
  20. Training and Giving Inputs to a Machine Learning Model
  21. Product Demand Prediction
  22. Electricity Price Prediction
  23. Language Detection
  24. Adding Labels to a Dataset for Sentiment Analysis
  25. Pfizer Vaccine Sentiment Analysis
  26. News Classification
  27. Omicron Variant Sentiment Analysis
  28. Iris Flower Classification
  29. Water Quality Analysis
  30. Twitter Sentiment Analysis
  31. Squid Game Sentiment Analysis
  32. Comparison of Classification Algorithms
  33. Tata Motors Stock Price Prediction
  34. Health Insurance Premium Prediction
  35. Movie Rating Analysis for Beginners
  36. Number of Orders Prediction
  37. Apple Stock Price Prediction
  38. Insurance Prediction
  39. Worldwide Billionaires Analysis
  40. Unemployment Analysis
  41. Car Price Prediction Model
  42. Spam Detection
  43. Count Objects in Image
  44. WhatsApp Chats Sentiment Analysis
  45. WhatsApp Chats Analysis
  46. Microsoft Stock Price Prediction
  47. Covid-19 Vaccine Analysis
  48. Video Game Sales Prediction Model
  49. Student Grades Prediction Model
  50. Saving a Machine Learning Model
  51. Uber Trips Analysis
  52. Google Search Analysis
  53. Tesla Stock Price Prediction Model
  54. Financial Budget Analysis
  55. Click-Through Rate Prediction Model
  56. Interactive Language Translator
  57. Language Detection
  58. Create a Chatbot with Python
  59. Best Streaming Service Analysis
  60. Data Science Project on President Heights
  61. Data Science Project on Birth Rate Analysis
  62. Data Science Project on Time Series
  63. Data Science Project on Area and Population
  64. A Complete Machine Learning Project Walkthrough
  65. Text Summarization
  66. Keyword Extraction
  67. Data Science Projects on Finance
  68. Data Science Projects on Marketing
  69. End to end Machine Learning Projects
  70. Machine Learning Projects on Binary Classification
  71. Data Science Projects Based on Domains

Advanced Machine Learning Projects

These projects will introduce you to more complex and real-time challenges. 

  1. Sarcasm Detection
  2. Social Media Followers Prediction
  3. Amazon Product Reviews Sentiment Analysis
  4. Hate Speech Detection
  5. End-to-end Hate Speech Detection System
  6. End-to-end Fake News Detection System
  7. End-to-end Spam Detection System
  8. Hotel Reviews Sentiment Analysis
  9. Real-time Gender Detection System
  10. Dogecoin Price Prediction
  11. Google Play Store Sentiment Analysis
  12. Amazon Alexa Reviews Sentiment Analysis
  13. Social Media Ads Classification
  14. Fake News Detection
  15. End-to-End Machine Learning Model
  16. Gender Detection
  17. Sales Prediction
  18. Currency Exchange Rate Prediction
  19. End-to-end Machine Learning Project
  20. Profit Prediction Model
  21. Automatic Time Series Forecasting
  22. Ted-Talks Recommendation System
  23. Real-time Sentiment Analysis
  24. Amazon Recommendation System
  25. Mobile Price Classification
  26. Spotify Recommendation System
  27. Text Emotions Detection
  28. Hotel Recommendation System
  29. Bankruptcy Prediction Model
  30. Customer Personality Analysis
  31. Instagram Algorithm
  32. Diamond Price Prediction Model
  33. Book Recommendation System
  34. Netflix Data Analysis
  35. Satellite Imagery Analysis
  36. Topic Modelling
  37. Covid-19 Vaccine Sentiment Analysis
  38. Human Activity Recognition Model
  39. Cohort Analysis
  40. End to end Machine Learning Project
  41. Life Expectancy Analysis
  42. Bitcoin Price Prediction
  43. Human Resource Analysis
  44. Energy Consumption Prediction
  45. LightGBM Model
  46. FastAI Model
  47. House Price Prediction
  48. Real-Time Face Mask Detection
  49. Netflix Recommendation System
  50. Named Entity Recognition
  51. Number Plate Detection
  52. IPL Analysis with Python
  53. Gold Price Prediction
  54. Object Detection
  55. Highest-Paid Athletes Analysis
  56. Text Generation
  57. Spelling Correction with Python
  58. Income Classification
  59. Customer Churn Prediction
  60. Language Translation Model
  61. Resume Screening
  62. Sign Language Classification
  63. Online Shopping Intention Analysis
  64. Network Graph Analysis
  65. Keyword Extraction
  66. Amazon Best Selling Books Analysis
  67. Covid-19 Cases Prediction for Next 30 Days
  68. YouTube Trending Videos Analysis
  69. Gender Classification
  70. Flower Recognition
  71. Pneumonia Detection
  72. Employee Attrition Prediction
  73. Hand Gesture Recognition
  74. Face mask Detection
  75. Market Basket Analysis using Apriori Algorithm
  76. Breast Cancer Detection
  77. Earthquake Prediction Model
  78. Outlier Detection
  79. Heart Disease Prediction
  80. Plastic Users Analysis
  81. Landmark Detection
  82. Chatbot with Machine Learning
  83. Next Word Prediction Model
  84. Age and Gender Detection with Python
  85. Autocorrect Keyboard with Python and Machine Learning.
  86. Machine Learning in 5 lines of code.
  87. Deepfake Detection with Machine Learning.
  88. Predict US Elections with Python.
  89. Fake Currency Detection with Machine Learning.
  90. Predict Tinder Matches with Machine Learning.
  91. Image Segmentation
  92. Title Generator with Python.
  93. Build Google Search Algorithm with Python.
  94. Face Landmarks Detection
  95. Pencil Sketch with Python.
  96. OpenAI Gym in Machine Learning
  97. Machine Translation Model
  98. Covid 19 Analysis.
  99. Build the TikTok Algorithm with Machine Learning.
  100. Analyze ILP Matches.
  101. Barcode and QR code Reader with Python
  102. Extract Text From PDF with Python.
  103. Predict IPL Winner 2020.
  104. Predict Car Prices.
  105. Analyze Call Records.
  106. Create an API with Python.
  107. Send Custom Emails with Python.
  108. Colour Recognition with Machine Learning.
  109. Create a 3D Video Animation.
  110. Graph Algorithms in Machine Learning.
  111. Image Features Extraction.
  112. Rainfall Prediction with Machine Learning.
  113. Classify Nationalities with Machine Learning.
  114. Fraud Detection with Machine Learning.
  115. Topic Modeling with Python
  116. Named Entity Recognition
  117. WhatsApp Group Chat Analysis
  118. Translate Languages Using Python
  119. Network Security Analysis
  120. Bar Chart Race with Python
  121. Keyword Research with Python
  122. Fashion Recommendation System
  123. Face Detection with Python
  124. Emotion Detection Model
  125. Telegram Bot with Python
  126. Handwriting Recognition
  127. Visualize a Solar System with Python.
  128. Hate Speech Detection Model
  129. Build Instagram Filters with Python.
  130. Contact Tracing with Machine Learning
  131. Deploy a Chatbot with Python into a Web Application
  132. Summarize Text with Machine Learning
  133. Language Classification with Machine Learning.
  134. OTP Verification GUI with Python
  135. Create an Audiobook with Python
  136. Titanic Survival Analysis
  137. Image Recognition with PyTorch
  138. Gender Classification Model
  139. Daily Births Forecasting
  140. Binary Search Algorithm
  141. Galaxy Classification with Machine Learning
  142. Time Series with LSTM Model
  143. Image Classification with TensorFlow
  144. Predict Weather with Machine Learning
  145. Create a Package with Python
  146. Computer Vision with Python
  147. Diamonds Analysis with Python
  148. Text Classification with TensorFlow
  149. Ridge and Lasso Regression
  150. Predict Fuel Efficiency
  151. ABC Analysis with Python
  152. RFM Analysis with Python
  153. Build Neural Network with Python Code
  154. Genetic Algorithm with Python
  155. Predict Migration with Machine Learning
  156. Analyze Healthcare Data
  157. Data Science Project on Text and Annotations
  158. Data Science Project on — Handwritten Digits
  159. Data Science Project on- Support Vector Machines
  160. Data Science Project — Stock Price Prediction with Machine Learning
  161. Data Science Project on — Classification of Text
  162. Data Science Project on-Extracting HOG Features
  163. Data Science Project on — Amazon Products Reviews Sentiment Analysis with Machine Learning
  164. Data Science Project — Email spam Detection with Machine Learning
  165. Data Science Project — Heart Disease Prediction with Machine Learning
  166. Data Science Project — Movie Recommendation System
  167. Data Science Project — Student Performance Analysis with Machine Learning
  168. Data Science Project on FIFA Analysis with python
  169. Data science project — Fake News Classification
  170. Data Science Project — DNA Sequencing with Machine Learning
  171. Data Science Project — Book Recommendation System with Machine Learning
  172. Data Science Project — Bitcoin Price Prediction with Machine Learning
  173. Machine Learning Project — Artificial Neural Networks
  174. Algorithmic Trading Strategy with Machine Learning and Python
  175. Movie Reviews Sentiment Analysis -Binary Classification with Machine Learning
  176. Data Science Project — Supermarket Sales Analysis
  177. Data Science Project — GDP Analysis
  178. Data Science Project — Predict Customer Churn with Python and Machine Learning
  179. Data Science Project — San Francisco Crime Analysis
  180. Machine Learning Project — Human Activity Recognition using Smartphone Data
  181. Credit Card Fraud Detection with Machine Learning
  182. Weather Forecasting with Machine Learning
  183. SMS Spam Detection with Machine Learning
  184. Covid-19 Detection with Machine Learning and AI
  185. Customer Segmentation with Machine Learning
  186. Employee Turnover Prediction with Machine Learning
  187. Predict Diabetes with Machine Learning
  188. Image Classification with PyTorch
  189. Time Series Forecasting with ARIMA Model
  190. Natural Language Processing on WhatsApp Chats
  191. Fake News Detection Model
  192. Image Classification with Artificial Neural Networks
  193. Binary Classification Model
  194. Data Augmentation with Deep Learning
  195. Next Word Prediction Model.
  196. Image Segmentation
  197. XGBoost Algorithm in Machine Learning
  198. Face Landmarks Detection
  199. Image Filtering with Machine Learning
  200. Audio Feature Extraction
  201. Machine Translation Model
  202. Gender Classification Model
  203. Create a 3D Video with Python and Machine Learning.
  204. Named Entity Recognition
  205. WhatsApp Group Chat Analysis
  206. Translate Languages Using Python
  207. Covid-19 Projects with Machine Learning
  208. Deep Learning Projects with Machine Learning
  209. Recommendation System Projects with Machine Learning
  210. Sentiment Analysis Projects with Machine Learning
  211. Classification Projects For Machine Learning
  212. Regression Projects for Machine Learning
  213. Chatbot Projects with Python
  214. Machine Learning Projects on Future Prediction
  215. Machine Learning Projects for Resume
  216. Best Data Science Projects for Resume
  217. Machine Learning Projects on Social Media Analysis

I hope you enjoyed reading this article on 200+ machine learning projects solved and clarified using Python.


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