The Artificial Intelligence Entrepreneurs

While necessity does breed innovation, we don’t have to be against the wall before creating spaces for innovation to thrive. Where the right conditions exist, innovation will flourish uninterrupted.

This is the mindset that spurred AIQOM, in partnership with Khalifa Fund, to create a hub for AI innovation to blossom through our Certified AI Entrepreneur (CAIE) Program. Over 9 transformative and exciting weeks, we put teams of driven aspiring AI Entrepreneurs through the basics of AI and the best practices, frameworks, and tools to become an AI-first startup. The goal of this program was to present a new simplified scientifically-driven way to build an innovative startup and show how to spot valuable opportunities in the new AI economy.

The fruit of this was an avalanche of socially transformative and economically rewarding AI projects developed by the AI Entrepreneur teams. The program birthed many exciting tasks such as a facial recognition AI system for monitoring and controlling access to premise doors and residences. There was also an adaptive tool to predict the performance of the water network for cutting down on global electricity consumption and global greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, we also found exciting, “Doctor-in-a-box” – a one-of-a-kind platform that collects health data from different sources like wearable gadgets or mobile devices along with health authorities like hospitals and medical lab results. This data will be analyzed in an advanced way to show a meaningful dashboard for all types of users without any medical knowledge, where they can get to understand their medical health status and future expected medical conditions or diseases instantly.

The project descriptions and the videos from the teams can be accessed from this link:

The diverse range and the sheer brilliance of the AI project from this program point to the importance of initiatives like this and their role in defining a positive future for humanity. Even more importantly for us is the power our AI Entrepreneurs were able to harness from collaborative teamwork.  It speaks to the strength in numbers and the gains that may be yielded from a strategic partnership.

We are proud of all 76 participants of the program and are quite pleased that 63% of the participants are women. We are thrilled to have helped 23 women AI entrepreneurs launch their AI startups. 

This program, for us, is a small step in the right direction and we remain excited about what the future holds for us and for our budding AI entrepreneurs.

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