The Artificial Intelligence Citizen Book

Would you travel to a different country without knowing some of its fundamental laws? A whole new digital world exists side-by-side with our physical world – a world housing an emerging AI Nation. Should you enter this nation without a basic idea of how it functions? To say humanity is on the edge of its most important turning point in a century is an understatement. We are right in the middle of it. Across public and private parastatals, Al and mass automation are changing how we interact with the world around us. A new digital economy is evolving and the onus rests on executives and industry leaders to keep up.

Imagine for a moment that you need to attend your daughter’s baseball game but you also need to be at an important meeting scheduled for the same time. What would you do? What if this decision didn’t have to be challenging because you have an Al clone of yourself? This is an idea of how just how much more different an Al-centered world would be. You or your Al clone would be able to interact with digital doctors, lawyers, etc. The steps towards that future are being taken even as you read these lines. Many global corporations are repositioning themselves towards being at the forefront of this revolution. Organizations failing to do so will find themselves ill-equipped to navigate this future. Worse yet, they will watch their competitors blitz past them. The economic loss would be devastating.

In THE AI CITIZEN, I draw on over a decade’s worth of industry experience to explore the dynamic and enigmatic world of Artificial Intelligence. Business professionals, industry leaders, policymakers, and just about anyone with a remote or keen interest in AI will find this book tailored to their need for a relatable exploration of AI. THE AI CITIZEN presents AI as a global nation that cuts across international borders and one which everyone will – directly or indirectly – interact with. In simple and non-technical terms, THE AI CITIZEN deconstructs the world of AI and Industry 4.0. From examining the origins of AI, the book takes a critical look at its present state and further reflects on the ethical and moral issues to be contended with as the AI nation grows. The book goes on to explain how to put together all of its content to create a winning AI strategy.

This knowledge, however, is not only meant for the corporate world. Even children need to learn about Al, so they grow up understanding and stepping into roles that ensure the continuous development of Al for the benefit of humanity. This book was written with the vision of grooming business and government leaders to become “Responsible Al Citizen Leaders”. Contained within this book are the requisite knowledge and tool essentials needed to achieve this. This book's content will be constantly updated by the author whose ambition is to groom 10 million citizen leaders globally. 

In THE AI CITIZEN, the reader holds in their hands the constitution of the AI nation and all the knowledge they need to have a sense of identity and thrive in this new world. 

The Artificial Intelligence Citizen” is available today on Amazon. 



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