Project Geminai: Why You Need A Digital Ai Twin.

Project Geminai: Why You Need A Digital AI Twin.


The year is 2176. It’s a family reunion of members of your bloodline you will never meet because, at this point, you're long dead. Before they settle to feast on grilled turkey, they travel down history to learn more about their roots through the lives of their ancestors. Delivering a historically accurate representation of your life’s experiences to your descendants is you. Well, not quite you. It's your digital AI twin that has survived long enough to tell your story, in your own words exactly as you experienced it. As long as your story lives, you never really die. This is a fraction of the world we're building at Project Geminai.

Understanding Project Geminai

Across a half-century of history, Artificial Intelligence has risen in economic, social and political significance. Our daily life is powered by AI-driven technologies such as Siri. We are in a golden age of AI evolution. While these technologies have contributed to simplifying life, the vision in popular sci-fi of cyborgs remains a distant reach. Except, maybe, in a way, it’s not?

Project Geminai is a decentralized AI platform that allows users to create AI Twins (or Geminais) with the capacity to interact with other humans and Geminais, at scale. Project Geminai seeks to democratize AI ownership and grant people access to take control of their digital footprint - which mega corporations are already harnessing - to construct personal digital AI twins that mirror and augment them in the digitalverse.

In simpler terms, we're giving power to the people. We want you to own your digital footprint in its entirety while empowering you with the technologies and tools to use all that information to create a virtual representation of yourself with the capacity to do more than time or physical constraints permit you. In so doing, we will build an ecosystem where the very best of what it means to be human meets the very best of Artificial Intelligence.

This digital twin will do more than function as an ordinary conversational AI agent. It will perform unsupervised real-world actions such as book appointments on your behalf, set up dates and business meetings, extract insights from articles and books, and offer others professional services in different languages. For example, a psychologist in the real world who can only hold one appointment at a time, your Geminai (i.e. digital phycologist twin) can augment your practice by running on autopilot to communicate with multiple patients simultaneously.

Building a Geminai

So, how do we get to the point of fully functional Geminais? The journey requires a collaborative effort between the user and our technologies through active and passive as well as manual and automated data-capturing methods. That means manually layering details related to your life, family, and work over the infrastructure that we are building to automatically collect this data and enable your Geminai to perform intelligent tasks.

It is important to understand that the process of building a Geminai is similar to creating new life. At the start, your Geminai is a blank slate customized to look, talk and exhibit mannerisms similar to yours. What follows is the process of building its cognitive capacity through our proprietary framework called the Geminai Digital Mind Framework. This involves the automated collection of data from your social media accounts to understand and recreate your digital footprint. Either along with this automated data gathering or without it, you can manually input your data in a continuous process, creating a Geminai that shares physical traits with you and has enough background information on you to give anyone that interacts with it a base-level idea of who you are. Afterwards, through a series of dialogs with your Geminai, you can guide it along the path of finetuning its responses to respond more like you and posses your industry knowledge. 

The intellectual capacity of your Geminai can then be further expanded by integrating the intelligence apps, which are developed by our developers community and published on the marketplace, into your Geminai’s Cortex. For example, a multilanguage app will allow your Geminai to converse with other users in their own language. Your Geminai can provide lessons in Mandarine even without you knowing a single word!

The marketplace also hosts other exciting features you can build into your Geminai. One of such features is the Geminai Profiles store that allows you to purchase Geminai alter-egos e.g. a senior citizen can buy a digital caregiver NFT whose range of functions can include timely medication reminders, note taking via voice command, sleep schedule organization, health information research, etc.

Already, we have constructed some digital profiles – history science legend, Albert Einstein; Middle East business mogul, Talal Abu Ghazalel; and currently in the process to digitally clone several celebrities, professionals and scietists. 

Housing a Geminai

Your Geminai will live in a virtual world that we have created and termed “The Metaverse City”. The Metaverse city is one of the first-ever AI-powered digital cities that is populated by virtual AI human twins (i.e. Geminais) of real people and exists in the metaverse. It is our diverse digital geographical environment for Geminais. The city is a picturesque landscape where the complex architecture of modern-day cities meets the simple surrealism of nature’s greenery. The added magic of Metaverse City is the presence of each unique Geminai whose ideas and individual contributions aid the continued evolution of our digital paradise.

Securing a Geminai

Data safety and data privacy feature very high on our priority list as we understand the level of trust that users have in us. To safeguard all data on the network, every newly constructed Geminai is validated and issued a unique Geminai wallet ID to ensure the traceability and security of the digital profile. Users will initially verify their real-world identity before completing the Geminai set-up. 

This security process is built on blockchain, further lending credence to its security-worthiness.

Using a Geminai

The use cases for a personal digital AI twin are spread across several sectors. Geminais have the potential to create wealth and value for their user autonomously as the end goal is to build a virtual economy that benefits every participant.

In healthcare; a doctor, nurse or psychologist can sell their consulting time through their Geminais. Trained on the expert’s knowledge, a Geminai can run primary screening and diagnostic assessments to provide preliminary health assessments and offer counseling services to customers.

In the entertainment sector, corporate organizations and individuals can promote their offerings in the Project Geminai Network through direct interaction with other users. Geminais can tune in for virtual concerts and interact personally with the Geminai of the artiste.  

As a networking tool, a politician can use their Geminai to reach voters individually to spread their campaign ideas. Founders can also use Geminais to connect with Venture Capitalists for more in-depth virtual personal interactions.

In education, Geminai tutors can guide students on their learning journeys through personalized teaching. Imagine a digital Batman teaching your kids biology or history! 

Digital immortality, illustrated in the opening of this article is another important use case. This keeps the memory of loved ones alive when they are no more with us.


Project Geminai is the culmination of years of ideation and research devoted to building Personal Digital AI Twins that look, think, and talk like their human owners. It is an evolving process; we are learning as we toe this path. Our faith in this project is rooted in our belief in AI citizens who are and will become a part of our community. Together, we can evolve and build a project that reshapes the global landscape and guides humanity towards an AI utopia.

We can recreate the world, one Geminai at a time. 


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