Digital Doctors, Metaverse & The Future of Healthcare

Hippocrates once reflected: “As to diseases, make a habit of two things – to help, or at least, to do no harm.” The goal of every healthcare innovation is to follow this mantra for the purpose of optimum healthcare delivery. The Digital Doctor is the latest in a long line of innovations taking advantage of modern technologies to transform the health sector.

What is a Digital Doctor?

The rise of the metaverse is creating exciting possibilities in the digital world. One of the most fascinating of these is the idea of “Digital AI Twins”.

A Digital AI Twin is a virtual representation of a human that houses its host’s knowledge, replicates their personality and is potentially capable of carrying out tasks for its human counterpart unsupervised. A Digital AI Human Twin would ideally reflect its unique human counterpart's desires, goals, and personality preferences.

Although the technology is still in its infancy, Digital AI Twins are a possibility today because of the improvements that have been made in machine learning and cloud computing, the latter of which is an important player in Industry 4.0. With the accompanying explosion of social media apps and increased data and information sharing, people are creating digital footprints of themselves that can be harnessed to create digital copies of their host.

The idea of Digital AI Twins is to create virtual agents that can communicate with, collaborate with, and augment people more effectively to make work better and more enjoyable.  

Imagine a diabetic patient needing to consult their care provider on their medications. They cannot drive to their hospital because the weather is atrocious and the doctor is probably busy with other patients. This scenario, today, would require patience or consulting generic online sources for information that isn’t tailored to the patient. However, what if the patient could consult a virtual agent trained on the knowledge of their specific doctor and with access to their health information. This virtual doctor would offer them access to their real-world doctor more quickly and conveniently. 

A digital doctor is basically a Digital AI Twin of a doctor.

Why Do We Need Digital Doctors?

According to the World Health Organization, the global doctor-to-patient ratio ranges from 0.23-84.2 per 10,000 of the population. Half the world lacks access to professional healthcare services, and many regions suffer from an overwhelming demand for healthcare services relative to the supply of skilled health professionals. 

From the patient’s perspective, this robs them of access to life-saving medical information and comprehensive care. From the doctor’s perspective, physician burnout and compromised health delivery are strong consequences. As the saying goes, “A tired doctor is a dangerous doctor.”

This situation effectively means that along with efforts to increase the training of skilled medical doctors, novel approaches need to be developed to aid the work of healthcare workers, especially for handling routine medical requests that do not require in-person consultations.

With the mass proliferation of smartphones and access to the internet, many people already source medical information online. It would be far more beneficial if people could access personalized healthcare information that considers their medical history.

As a result, developing virtual agents that mirror real-world doctors could address some of the skills’ deficit.

Are We There Yet? The Journey to Working Digital Doctor Models

Artificial Intelligence is the bedrock of some of the most transformative technologies in the world today. Conversational AI agents such as Siri and Cortana are powered by AI. Recently, the launch of ChatGPT - the OpenAI large language model - has further opened the world to the possibilities of Conversational AI agents.

With access to enough data about the subject matter, these agents can be trained to execute requests from users in an expert manner. 

Stallion AI aims to improve patient access to personalized healthcare (and other professional) services through Project Geminai – a project designed to build Digital AI Twins of medical doctors and professionals. Project Geminai will augment today’s working professionals and improve their capacity to deliver their skills to millions across the world simultaneously.

The journey to the construction of a fully functional Digital Doctor will be a step-wise one but it is the future of healthcare.

Project’s Geminai’s resolve to help and do no harm is resolute as we work towards this goal.




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