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Creating AI is hard and expensive.
We make it easy and affordable.


Unlock Advanced AI Models and Datasets.

Connect your AI Identity to apps, websites, drones, vehicles, smart homes and “Maia”, your physical and personal AI robot. Unlock advanced AI models and datasets through our marketplace to make your AI more intelligent, everyday.

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Studio Features

Train, test, and deploy your AI creations to solve real-world problems.

Full-Stack AI Platform

Manage your full AI creation process in one easy-to-use Create AI Studio. You don’t need to use multiple websites and platforms to prepare data and create AI.

Data Library

Import open-source reliable datasets from aiqom data library to train your AI models. You can also list your proprietary data on our data marketplace.

Powerful AI Models

Unlock powerful ML models that can perform human tasks, solve problems and turn ideas into real innovations.

AI Collaboration

Collaborate with other AI Citizens – students, entrepreneurs, professionals, and more – to learn and co-create AI models.

Leverage Our Create AI Studio

Train, test, deploy, and control your AI creations. Connect your AI to websites, mobile apps, robots – and more!

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Powerful AI Models

Access our rich, growing collection of powerful AI models and datasets.

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Make AI

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Make AI

Make AI

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Make AI

Easy AI

We make it simple, fast, and affordable to create and own your full AI intellectual property.

Own Your AI Creations

Retain your ownership of your valuable AI creations. Unlock opportunities by listing your AI on aiqom's Marketplace.

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Create AI that solves real-life problems, and converts your innovative ideas into valuable AI projects and products.



Train AI models to do human tasks with a simple automated process. Utilize our data resources and pre-trained AI models to achieve the best AI performance.



Connect your AI models directly to your products, websites, apps or to our industry-grade AI robot, without writing any code.



Ship your AI model to our AI marketplace, or connect your AI to your own machine.

Import reliable open-source datasets from aiqom’s AI data library to train your AI models.
List your proprietary data on our data marketplace.