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A simple, cost-effective yet powerful code-free community-driven
AI Lab that enables everyone to explore, create, experiment, and deploy
affordable AI models and applications to solve real-life problems. 

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Select your AI Model

Unlock our rich, growing collection of powerful AI and machine learning models that can perform human tasks, solve problems and turn ideas into real innovations.

Step 2

Create a project template

Name your AI project or app, and provide a description of the problem you will solve with AI

Step 3

Start collecting data

We make it simple and affordable for you to collect and process data to train your AI models. You can also import reliable open-source datasets from our Aiqom data library.

Step 4

Assign a label

Assign different types of labels to your dataset such as emojis, audio or an image. This powerful feature allows your AI to communite its predictions in a human-like way

Step 5

Train and test your AI

Train, test, deploy, and control your AI creations. Connect your AI to websites, mobile apps, robots – and more!


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Jane Michaels

2 m ago

That’s amazing! this is your best work yet!

John Mike

1 m ago

I am definitely adding this to my library

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