Who We Are?

AIQOM Inc. was spun out of Stallion AI R&D labs and is backed by impactful angel investors, visionary machine learning scientists, and thoughtful leaders and entrepreneurs.

Stallion AI is led by a group of machine learning PhDs, physicists, computer engineers, data scientists, developers, serial entrepreneurs and business leaders who are passionate about revolutionizing the future of enterprises in public and private sectors with AI and machine learning technologies. Stallion.AI provides AI services, solutions and products to help organizations across different industries to implement AI today. Our AI research and development facilities in Canada, US, Cyprus, KSA, Jordan and UAE allow us to solve today’s complex problems, customize real-life AI applications for positive future impact, and drive future innovation.

Our Leadership Team

What is AIQOM.AI?

AIQOM.AI is a simple-to-use AI education platform with a guided interface that teaches kids and teens how to create machine learning models that can recognize images, audio, text and numbers without requiring coding skills. The platform allows users to export the developed AI models to Scratch so they can develop their own projects and games. AI models can also be integrated as code either in their custom software or into already developed apps and games. For enhanced group learning experience, AIQOM.AI also enables them to share their creation with the AIQOM.AI online community or other social media.


Children are filled with curiosity about the world in which they live. They also possess the remarkable ability to be able to interact with their physical environment in imaginative, new ways. For kids, playing can be a powerful learning tool to use to engage their environment. As they are growing in a world surrounded by AI, AIQOM.AI seeks to help them satisfy their curiosity about the world -in terms of what AI is and how it works. We then use the learning potential of play to create exciting and fun ways through which children and teens can have a hands-on learning experience that helps them understand AI and apply it in new ways to solve real world problems around them.

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