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About the Program

This 9-week program introduces an emerging easy-to-learn, business commercialization model called the 10 Building Blocks of Business that doesn’t require an MBA to envision and harness business opportunities.The program covers best practices, frameworks, and tools to becoming an AI-First start-up. We present real-life applications of AI across different sectors. Some key selected topics and objectives including:

  • Understanding the current state of Artificial Intelligence and history

  • How to grasp and apply the simple 10 Building Blocks of Business scientific approach.

  • Understand how and why AI is disrupting industries and how you can be part of this.

  • Understand types of AI, and the current state of AI development.

  • Explore the best practices and frameworks to become an AI startup

  • Discover examples of AI in action across different sectors

Step 1

Take the AI Citizenship Assessment

Discover your level of AI entrepreneurship knowledge with our standard AI Citizenship Assesssment test. In just a few minutes, we will be able to personalize your entrepreneurship journey and compare your performance to other AI Citizens.

Step 2

Get your AI Citizenship

Evolve into an active AI Citizen by taking our AI Citizenship course which provides a comprehensive knowledge of AI essentials.

Pass the course to earn your AI Citizenship Card - your access to the future.

Step 3

Start your AI
Entrepreneurship Journey

Step-by-step Business AI Guide + capstone projects with rapid prototypes

This program is backed by 100+ organizations from around world.

Step 4

Complete your AI Capstone Project

Technical and non-technica entrepreneurs can create rapid AI prototypes in a very short time, and at a very low cast

The AI Lab will enable you to produce rapid AI protypes that can be scaled up to a commercial level

Step 5

Become a Certified AI
Entrepreneur (CAIE)TM

Complete your program and join our unique AI entrepreneurship ecosystem of certified citizens.

Program certifications by Rochester Institute of Technology & Stallion AI institute

Over 40% of Jobs will be automated by AI within this decade. AI entrepreneurship is the future of jobs.

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Meet our program AI and entrepreneurship mentors who will guide you through out the whole 9-week program.



Stallion AI’s team of AI experts and data scientists customized their Investifai product to manage our customer investment portfolios to deliver higher risk adjusted returns than our current investment products. Their Investifai product is currently managing our portfolios without intensive human involvement!


Stallion AI’s unique AI Readiness Assessment and AIQOM’s Enterprise Hub helped our Ministry to assess our organization’s skills, data, infrastructure, processes and policies in a short period and at scale. This helped us to craft a 3-year roadmap with a list of high impact and feasible AI projects


Stallion AI is exceptional at all what they do. From capacity building to assessment and strategy to AI products and solutions. Stallion’s team has helped several Dubai Government entities in their mission to transform into AI-first government organizations during the past several years.


Stallion AI and their leadership team keep pushing the boundaries in the AI Space. We partnered with Stallion on many initiatives that empower young students and entrepreneurs. This is how we have transformed our university into an innovative, intelligent and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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