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AI learning for all ages. Cement your practical skills and knowledge in AI with a rich collection of AI curricula, courses, worksheets, videos, live classes, and Integrated Learning Projects (ILPs) by top worldclass AI experts.

  • Students

    AI curricula integrated with all ages across different subjects.

  • Professionals

    Government, business & engineering programs across domains, sectors, and industries.

  • Entrepreneurs

    AI entrepreneurship programs developed by thought leaders in entreprenurship.

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Create your AI with powerful skills and capabilities.

  • AI Models

    Access our rich, growing collection of powerful AI Models and datasets.

  • Easy + Affordable AI

    We make it simple and affordable to create and own your full AI intellectual property.

  • Create AI Studio

    Create, train, test, and connect your AI creations using our Create AI Studio.

  • AI Applications

    Create and deploy AI to make real-life prototypes and scalable applications.

  • AI Marketplace

    Buy advanced AI models to make your AI more intelligent (coming soon).

  • AI Innovation Labs

    Transform your computer labs into AI Innovation Labs at no extra cost.

AI Network Hub

  • Solve Problems

    Collaborate with other AI Citizens to solve real-world problems with AI.

  • AI Events

    Use your AI Citizen Card to get exclusive access to special AI events.

  • The AI Challenge

    Compete with others to win monetary prizes.

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