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    AI Citizenship Program

AI Academy

Multi-lingual programs and courses that range from the essentials of Professional and AI Leadership programs to technical Deep Learning & Data Science skills’ track and career paths. The courses cater to everyone including students, professionals and entrepreneurs regardless of whether they are developers or non-coders!

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Virtual AI Lab

The world’s first multi-lingual community-driven virtual AI Lab. A simple yet powerful code-free AI Lab that enables everyone to create, experiment, deploy and explore AI models and applications to solve real-life problems. 

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As an AI Citizen on Aiqom, the AI Nation, you will have access to the world’s first professional AI academy; AI lab to experiment AI use cases; marketplace to explore AI-in-action; and most importantly an exclsuive access to our Digital AI Twin project which will enable you create a digital replica (i.e. Twin) of yourself in the digital AI space.

Become an AI Citizen!
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    Rock, paper, scissors

    Rock paper scissors (also known by other orderings of the three items

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    Digital AI twin project

    Train the AI Twin chatbot to become like you and to perform tasks for you in your absence.

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    Einstein project

    Chat with this virtual representation of the greatest mind to walk the earth – Albert Einstein.

AI Marketplace

A decentralized open market for developers and non-tech citizens to explore, publish and monetize digital data and AI assets

Create Your AI Twin

Be the first to create your personal AI.
And connect, learn and interact with AI twins of great human minds, from the present and, any time.

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The Artificial
Intelligence Citizen

A Non-Technical encyclopedic guide to becoming a responsible AI Citizen. Get your copy of the book today.


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